by Oberion

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released November 2, 2015



all rights reserved


Oberion Sweden

Oberion formed as a band in 2010 by two brothers who share the same vision.

A vision that the music we want to express should focus more on dynamic and atmosphere rather than speed and aggresion.

Our music and lyrics focuses on the urge to liberate ourselves from all that imprisons us, through our music we escape these chains, lock by lock.
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Track Name: Towards The Pristine
The end of my aeon has come
Dissolution, unfold, come forth
I escape these burning causal chains
For to long they've kept me restrained

Ahead, the fond primordial void awaits
Far away from Gaia's enslaved, cursed abode
Beyond the triviality of law

I, the opponent, the wolf
An enslaved force trapped in human form
Breaking free from a barren, predestined path
To reach a haven unknown to common man

My heart, it longs for liberation
Far away from this poisoned endarkened world
I abandon this aimless hazy road
Towards the pristine I set my course
Track Name: Beyond Formula
Now dive my son
Sink with all of your burdens
Dissolve into the darkest of depths

Fly through the timeless space
Break free from your chains
Leave all the lies that cosmos sustains

Enter the nothingness, mortal death
Transform beyond the mundane form
Transcend above this grim scorn

Reform thy path
Bond your heart, soul and spirit
Erase your humanism, once and for all

Escape this torment
Extinguish the watching eye

Destroy the deceiving illusions
Exist beyond known forms

Oh, grand darkness
How I praise your embrace

Oh, emptiness
How I yearn for your haven

Oh, mother
I return to thee now

Oh, ancient chaos
My spirit, my spirit is thine

Reform thy path
Bond your heart, soul and spirit
Erase your humanism, once and for all
Track Name: The Pendulum Dance
Awaken thou first born
Creator of all forms
Arise from the ocean
Reclaim thy air, reap our foul existence

Release your untamable fire
Let your flames cleanse
Unleash your tides
Wash away the impurity, to heal your wounds

Release me
Release me now

We are servants of wealth
Yet for nothing we serve
Enslaved by greed
Empowered by our fictional world of lies

Rejecting the path of nature
The one, true, divine force
The essence of life
Bringer of death, mother of souls

Our false empire
About to crumble
Track Name: March Into Oblivion
Time is drawing nigh
The end is now

The sun, it mourns
And neglects to shine

After all these years of light
There will be no more

For every sunbeam granted
Was acknowledged with our scorn

For we are the poison
We always were
The great curse upon the world

Now we're on our own
For our crimes against pure life
To wither alone in our golden halls
No throne, high enough

We brought the end upon ourselves
And dragged this world into ruin
This cosmic haven is now dead
Due to our never-ending greed

In the distance a light has prevailed
To regain this world when we are gone
A light to revive what we've killed
The return of the sun

We no longer walk the earth
And never will again
For every breath we inhaled
Was turned into venom and exhaled

For we are the poison
We always were
The great curse upon the world
Track Name: Hollow
An eternal ethereal journey
Through night and day
On a path, woe, so hollow
I'm stuck and led astray

Devoured by my desire
To reach the never-ending call
Forever it's enticed my soul
Eternally I'll strive towards her shores

One day I'll discover
The shrine I long for
I'll find and recieve it's reward

I'll uncover the keys
To expose and dissolve
This relentless, numb, dome, forced upon

I seek what lies far beyond
What meets the eye

I'm trapped inside this maze
Constructed by man
envenomed, yet still I'm awake

I'll escape from the withering
Of both body and soul
I'm reaching for the Eden of gold

I seek what lies far beyond
What meets the eye

I seek what lies far beyond
What meets the eye

Through deep, dark fog I march
Towards her voice
I exclude myself from this hollow keep
And abandon the worn out ways of life

Neglection of the false gods
I'm alone but free
At the end of the horizon
Her shores awaits me
Track Name: Beneath The Surface
Beneath the surface
Alone, untouched and still
Forever in peaceful slumber
From daylight dismissed

Here dwells no grief
No pain is to be found
In serenity's embrace

Yet nothing will ever grow
In the barren soil I left behind
For love never truly prevailed
In the heart of mine

Beyond light
Beyond darkness
Beyond life
Beyond death